Travel Time

The time has finally come for my much anticipated, desperately needed holiday. My boyfriend and I have a whole month of blissful leave ahead of us, and we have officially started the first leg of our trip.

We left Taiwan at 14.50 pm on Friday the 30th and flew to Hong Kong – a short flight just over an hour long. There we had a 9 hour layover. At this point we are no strangers to long airport waits. When we moved to Taiwan last August we spent roughly two days traveling from South Africa, with long stopovers in both Dubai and Hong Kong on our way to Taichung.

Airports are fascinating places ideal for people watching; masses of diverse human beings stuck together in one space, all under the stress of traveling. It makes for some interesting observations that’s for sure.

Our time in Hong Kong was relatively painless. We came prepared with books and the airport provided free wifi. Our next flight was slightly delayed so we only ended up leaving at around 3 am on Saturday the 1st.

As I write this I am currently on a plane bound for Mauritius – my home away from home ever since I lived and went to school there for two years when I was young. We have just taken off and a 9 hour flight stretches ahead of us. I’ve settled in as comfortably as I can and am more than ready for a week of sun, sea and simple relaxation. By the time this post is published I will already be by the pool.


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