I’ve been absent quite a bit lately – from work, this blog and just life in general.

My week started off horribly. The strange feeling that had been lingering in my head all of Saturday and Sunday eventually bloomed into a massive migraine that had me man down for Monday and Tuesday. For those of you who don’t suffer from migraines – imagine pain so intense that you can’t eat or stand without wanting to vomit. Light and sound are like glass in your eyes and skull. No – it’s not just a headache. It’s hell.

Aside from my physical health my mental stability hasn’t been what it was in April. I’ve had a lot of irritability and mixed moods. Exhaustion is ever present and as such I’ve been unable to write/read as much as I usually do, and I’ve been pretty reclusive (not that it’s unusual for me to be MIA on the social front). My brain basically feels like it’s been through a blender. I’m having trouble with word recall – something that is endlessly frustrating as an English teacher. In general I’m just not functioning at the top of my game (the kids are quite literally running circles around me).

I have a long weekend coming up though (it’s Dragon Boat Festival here in Taiwan) and my boyfriend and I are going to visit Hualien with some friends. I’m hoping the change of scenery and the chance to see the ocean again after so long will reboot my flailing brain. 


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