This past weekend I went and did some more wandering around Dakeng hiking area. I met a friend at around 10am and she showed me a trail that I hadn’t done before.

It began by a beautiful sculpture of an engraved hand.

The stairs quickly took us up into the hills. It was a refreshingly cool day, and the clean air was welcoming.

The path was much quieter than the ones I had taken previously, but there were still one or two other hikers (and their dogs) along the way.

We soon came to the temple area of the trail. We stopped to rest a little and take photos.

There was a small tower that we climbed. The stairwell had a big Buddha at the entrance, and small statues and engravings inside.


The view from the top was breathtaking. The photos don’t do the beauty and utter serenity of the place justice.

As we exited the area we walked past dozens of little white statues, and three giant pictures carved in what looked like stone. I’ve seen a lot of similar art decorating the outside walls of the many temples in the city.

Then it was back onto the winding trail among the trees.

Throughout the hike we came across little rest stops. Areas where you could sit, pray and absorb the peacefulness.


There was even a resident in one of them.


We ended the outing with lunch at a nearby restaurant, and I went home feeling tired but replenished. Being in nature is truly a pleasure.


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