Am I addicted to this feeling?

This empty, aching hole

Do I crave the bitter sweet

Love that fills my soul?


Content is not enough it seems

So restless do I grow

The highest highs, the deepest lows

I reap from what I sew


When up no one can touch me

No one can reach me when I’m sad

Despite the rapid cycling

I’m convinced it’s not so bad


My uncertainty’s consistent

I find some comfort in this ride

Even though erratic, I have

This one thing on my side


Unstable in some moments, sure

Yet in my purest form

I am me without regret

My flaws are proudly worn


So now I face a simple choice

To be or not to be

Can I opt to dull my shine

While still remaining me?


Should I choose the risky path?

Throw caution to the skies

Can I trust what my head says

Or does it feed me lies?


The answer does elude me still

It changes with the days

All I can pray for is control

Over my conflicting ways


Written August 16, 2016


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