Night & Day 

My skin doesn’t seem to fit me anymore. It’s either too tight, squeezing my limbs and insides to death, or it’s too loose and getting in the way of everything. I pick and scratch at every flaw, making things worse, and I wish I could just step out of myself and walk away.

Every part of me, from my hair to my teeth to my toes, feels uncomfortable. It is as though I am made of lead. The walk to work takes me twice as long and requires triple the effort. I am clumsy and slow. I feel like I am not in control of my own body.


My eyes burn from lack of sleep, but I am seeing the world through a new lens. I stand a little taller, a little straighter, and even though I am tired I feel lighter. I walk to work faster than I did yesterday.

Things seem less dark today, despite the dull weather. How is it that my brain can switch from one state to the other literally overnight? What triggered the change? Was it something I ate? It’s perplexing. The transformation transcends the mind and can be felt, and seen, physically.

Oh such a difference a day can make. 


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