Black II

I foster a sickness inside me

Deep in my soul it swims

Sucking the life from my marrow

Without even trying, it wins


Pushed into this world without feeling

Lacking the most vital part

Lungs and liver and brain I all have

Yet missing from me is my heart


Not even darkness fulfils me

My boredom a pervasive snake

A master of masks and facades am I

But a smile does not happiness make


The pain of indifference likes me

Following me throughout my days

I fight it until I’m exhausted and bloody

Not even bothered, it stays


The final way out seems to taunt me

Dancing in front of my eyes

Testing my courage to take it

Highlighting my cowardly cries


I will never be rid of this demon

It’s made its home here in me

Sentenced to live with this thing on my back

I know that I’ll never be free


(Written in 2014)


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