Poison black moods are burnt white hot

Into my senseless existence

My days are not lived, but merely endured,

Etched with my futile persistence


My smiles are not smiles, my words hold no worth,

And my laughter is not what you think

Happiness hovers as my soul fights to reach it

Trying but failing to link


I’m looking at you and watching you speak

But all I can hear is the silence

It pierces my veins and infects my whole life

And brings with it fine thoughts of violence


The hatred inside me bubbles with fire

Occupying all of my mind

Indifference flows freely and leaks through my pores

Until pain is all I can find


I will burn all my bridges and sever my ties

With all that I ever have known

As I drift through this world, helpless and bored,

I will undoubtedly do it alone


(Written in 2006)


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